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If you’re ready to take control of your future, Take Stock in Children Pasco County can help by providing you with the motivation, support, and academic assistance you need in order to achieve success.  This rewarding opportunity provides the promise of a college scholarship, a caring mentor committed to the development of your gifts, and continuous involvement from skilled student advocates who engage in educational /career counseling.  

Because we are a grass-roots operation under the direction of local school systems, we are able to deliver an immensely personal program to students like you, who are seeking a better life.

The Take Stock in Children applications acceptance for school year 2018-19 is now closed. 

Application cycle will reopen November, 2019.

Student eligibility requirements: 

·         Currently enrolled in  Pasco County Schools in grades 8 through 10
·         Eligible for free/reduced lunch status, meeting income eligibility guidelines provided below
·         Income documentation will be required
·         Additional factors that may make attending post-secondary schooling a challenge
·         2.5 or equivalent GPA, 2.7 GPA for 10th grade
·         Good attendance record
·         Good behavior/in & out of school
·         Resident of Florida for minimum one year
·         Valid Social security card
·         Documented community service is required for 10th grade
·         Must meet with a TSIC mentor during school hours on school grounds
·         Must participate in TSIC events & workshop
·         Please note in application if child has a severe physical disability (click here for description)
·         School personnel references are required

Take Stock in Children
 scholarship recipients receive:


·         A Scholarship

A guaranteed tuition - paid Florida Prepaid College Scholarship, minimum of two year (60 credit hour). There may be potential to increase this scholarship level based on performance and scholarship availability in student’s senior year.  

·         A College Readiness Coach

A college readiness coach acts as the liaison between Take Stock in Children program and the school and is responsible for monitoring and addressing of grades, attendance and behavior as well as preparation for post-secondary education. 

·         A Mentor

A mentor, when assigned will meet with the student on a regular basis at school, with cooperation from the school and parent (s) / guardian, to assist and encourage the student to achieve full potential. Meeting with a mentor is a mandatory state requirement. 

  • In the event you choose to move forward, recheck the income eligibility requirements.  All semi-finalists & finalists  are required to provide documentation to match the income listed on the application. Proof of verification will include:

-          most recent W-2

-          most recent 1040 forms

-          most recent paystubs

-          evidence of any government financial assistance 

Student’s name must be listed as a dependent on the tax report / government assistance verification provided to us or include custodial parent’s tax report and letter stating who claims the student. If divorced parents claim student during alternate years, previous year’s filing must be included in addition to recent year filing All fields must be completed. You will have the ability to save & complete application at a later time.

Applications containing false or misrepresented information can result in the revocation of the scholarship if awarded.

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